Alerts •   Jun 19, 2020

Fax Received

You have 2 new Fax message from +65 67950088

First, they will tell you that ( 2 ) new fax messages from a local number you don't know must be local.
Then they kind enough to help you receive that important fax with time and date to make it very real.

After that, give you a link with HTTPS (ROFL) and a short link using (cover-up!)
Lastly, end it with Microsoft Corporation (ROFL).

Sounds like a scam

We verify the Short Link / ShortURL with Check ShortURL and found the link is
We can't do much on this, but its shows that it is a dangerous link to click.

Keywords: Fax Message,, Microsoft, Fax, Windows

email detail

email detail


Credit Gif via Giphy | Image from Pexels