Hires •   Feb 14, 2024

Full-Stack Developer on Full-time, Part-time, Freelance, Remote mode

Hiring, Hiring, Hiring

We are excited to announce that we are currently seeking Full Stack Developers to join our team. Opportunities are available in various capacities, including Full-time, Part-time, Freelance, and Remote roles. Our diverse project requirements necessitate a wide range of expertise levels, from Professional Experts and Seniors to Intermediates, Beginners, and Graduates.



Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  • Proficiency in version control using Git.
  • Knowledge of front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Familiarity with Linux-based operating systems and command-line interfaces.
  • Capability to work with and without SQL databases.
  • Experience with PHP frameworks, with a preference for Laravel.
  • Experience with OpenAI - APIs.
  • Strong communication skills.


Desirable Skills:

  • Experience with React JS.


Important Personal Attributes:

We prioritise candidates with excellent self-management skills and a professional attitude. Applicants must not exhibit poor time management, frequent requests for extensions, inability to handle stress, dishonesty about capabilities, failure to follow instructions, absenteeism, blame-shifting, or inability to maintain confidentiality.


Application Process:

To apply, please follow the instructions below carefully:


Resume Preparation:

  • Part 1: Include a photo, name, contact phone number, email address, physical address (excluding unit number), country of birth, desired working mode (Full-time/Part-time/Freelance/Remote), and expertise level.
  • Part 2: Detail your three most recent work experiences. Please note that internships, national service, and voluntary work are not considered relevant work experience for this application.
  • Part 3: List skills relevant to this position, any public contests/competitions, and any awards or recognitions received.
  • Part 4: Describe your professional preferences and limitations.
  • Part 5: Provide descriptions and links to completed online work or projects. This is essential for all developer applications.
  • Please submit your application through the link I've provided and wait patiently for our response.


Additional Information:

Please allow us enough time to look over your application. Applicants will be invited to complete a test, followed by an online interview based on the review of the test results. Applications must be completed, clear, and compliant with our submission guidelines to be considered.


We look forward to reviewing your application and wish you the best in your career. Thank you for being so interested in joining our team. Email your applications to the following 👉🏻 hr(at)supercharge.business


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