Alerts •   May 20, 2022

Whatsapp Unsolicited Messages

We believe this nonsense has to be stopped by authorities.

We believe that many of you have been receiving unsolicited Whatsapp messages regardless of where you live, as these Whatsapp messages will do everything possible to get access to your phone so you get to see what they're talking about. Some of these messages might be harmful, such as containing malware links to phishing scams that might steal all of your money. We heard someone lost 1 million CPF (Central Provident Fund) money had been scammed way, many were stunned by the news.


These are some we received from Whatsapp.












As long as you don't click or covet, we think these messages will not be detrimental to you. Many provide inexplicable loans, insider stock recommendations, and high-paid easy work opportunities to gorgeous/handsome people waiting to be your friends.