Tips •   Jul 31, 2020

Should You Have A One Page Business Website?

Ever heard one page business website? What's the plus and minus compared to regular multiple pages website? Let's learn and figure out which type of design suits for your business

Welcome, back! After some thinking and consideration of why you need a website for your business, now you might wonder what principle you should follow and what kind of design you’d better implement to your business site. Have you ever heard one a page website?

Yes, you’re not misheard, darling. One of the newest and popular trends in web design is to create a one-page based website for your business. More and more companies are choosing them over complex multi-page sites to meet the needs of their businesses. Unlike a traditional website, a one-page website features all content and information to viewers only by scrolling down or swiping slides on one page. Therefore, the website must arrange the contents logically and catchy so the viewers don’t feel the urge to skip any parts. A one-page-based website gets popular because it lets the business owner be more creative to leave a great impression on the visitor.

You may have been wondered, “Should I create this type of design for my website”? Or, why would I consider only have one page on my website? Let’s see why & in what’s the situation you should build your own one-page based website.

Small Business with Little Amount of Content

As a small business, you might not need to fill multiple pages with content about your products/services and what your business offers to the community. Building a regular website with very few lines on each page will make your visitors think that your business lacks or, even worse, your business will seem managed unprofessionally, and you don’t care about its future.

This is where a one-page website can shine. You may only need to briefly explain your profile, your contact, and your address. If needed, you also can present your services and products with attractive media. Instead of creating multiple pages for this information, you can post all of that information on one page and arrange them creatively to excite your potential customer.

Parallax Site for High-End Business

If you are trying to amazed your visitor with creativity and attractive design, one-page parallax or scrolling website will suit you best. You can design your site based on your business's mood and purpose and make your business look elegant and professional. It will be a perfect pair for various businesses related to Architecture, Graphic or Print Design, Web Apps, Film, Photography, 5-Star Hotels, or even Golf Courses. This type of website design itself will provide great graphics, animations, and beautiful typography.

One Time Events

When planning a one-time event like a meeting or conference, we usually need a website to publish the event and announce the time, the place, and the requirement to bring. The amount of money, effort, and time to build regular multiple sites is just not needed. On the contrary, it is a perfect time to build your attractive, beautiful, and informative one-page site.

Don’t forget to adjust the theme of the website to the mood of your event. If your event is a formal one, use monochrome colors like white and grey. If you are planning your friend’s bridal shower, put pastel colors like cream or dusty pink.

Introducing a New Product

If you’ve just finished a product or launched a new app, a one-page website is such a great place to announce your breakthrough. Product website has one thing in common: they need to inform the audience about the product, the pros and why it’s better than competitor’s product. One-page website resonates well with this purpose because it gives you a chance to include artwork, design, photos, animation that will flow through towards the audience and give them the vibe of your product.

Now, let’s hear why and how a one-page website supports you in developing your business.

Ease of Use, Especially in Audience’s Mobile Phone

One of the reasons that a one-page website is easy to be loved is its simple navigation. There’s nothing simpler than a website with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The ease of implementing one page-based website is suitable for a website with one or a specific purpose.

And it’s no secret that the visitor usually does product-researches using their smartphones, and it benefits you if you use a one-page based website for your business. Single-page sites convert more easily to the mobile version.

They are also easier to load than the multi-sites type, which surely pleases those impatient visitors who hate waiting longer for a site to load. In addition, in a smartphone case, the users find it difficult and annoying to open multiple tabs or switch pages on such a small screen. You serve them less clicking and more scrolling experience, and it’s more beneficial to them more than they can realize. This also increases the engagement the visitors have with your website. As long as the design stays simple and clean, one page based website will give your visitor a seamless and intuitive experience.

Easier to Target Specific Audience

Single page website is great for business that already has a specific audience. Not also great, it also provides their audience a better user experience since you already understood what exactly the customers want and comfort with. It’s easier to control their behavior on your website and guide them in a specific direction, too. You don’t need to worry they get the order wrong or get distracted by various links.

With a single-page website, you can present all the information you want to provide on one page, in whatever order you need based on your type of business. You will need to keep in mind that your visitors might be turned off by the invaluable information you put over your site since you depend on their scroll and swipe. Make sure whatever you put in your site has a purpose, and always put some thought before deciding. It’s a bit tricky, and that’s why Insight is here, to help and guide you build a well-designed one-page business website (wink)

Increase User Engagement

Because the one-page website is easy to use, the visitor is easily engaged. This benefit comes with consequences. The designer must ensure the content can be digested and absorbed in a single page, like building a page with more graphics, less text. The idea is to make a page like a journey for the visitors, so every time they scroll, it will reward them.

More Focus on Content

If you think it’s too complicated to deliver high-quality content with one page based website, you might be wrong. A multi-page website is the one with less opportunity for creativity because each page needs to be optimized. Sadly, it’s often quantity and formality over quality.

This benefit makes one page based website perfect for digital storytelling. There's also more room for images. Instead of worrying about writing like content, your business can speak with various media and spoil your visitors with an amazing flowing journey. Without getting worried about creating logical links, the visitor would likely become more focused on your content.

Provide a Higher Page Authority

Links are one of the main factors of how well a site ranks, and a one-page website benefits you in a way it only has one site that every link will go to the main page, and the ratio of the site to the page is 1:1.

Selling Your Business Product as a Package

Often, we sell products or services as a series or were used as a step-after-step product which means it was suggested to buy them all together. A single-page website suits perfectly if you sell your product as a package rather than selling them individually. The visitor reads your offer on one page, which will help to emphasize that your product was meant to buy as a whole.

Better Conversion, More Buying

An improved user experience has a close relation to buying decisions. Therefore, one page based website gets this benefit too. If you create a website to generate leads, sell products and even build targeted contacts to get a promo in the future, conversions are at the top of your list. You love it better if your potential customers purchase than they wonder around staying at your website just for window shopping. A one-page website guides your visitor better to do whatever action you wish them to complete.

A single-page website removes distractions and limits options. Your visitor wouldn’t have to experience missed clicks and forget to contact you. They don’t have to wait for other pages to load fully. Everything they need is right on the same page, and if your content is appealing enough, they don’t even have room to hesitate.

Less Cost, More Impact

Who doesn’t love cheap stuff? Especially if they perform the same as even better than the regular one. Booking your own one-page business website in Insight costs you only $388. Meanwhile, WordPress costs you more than $800 for a regular website. It’s more than a 50% discount, and you got something even better.


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