Alerts •   Jun 18, 2020

Office 365 Notifier

Jagdish, highly sophisticated email notification

At first, we thought its from Microsoft Office 365 e-mail notification as it looks one when you open it, then we proceed to look at who sent the e-mail it [email protected]. We don't have such friend, client, or contact by now; this e-mail raises a RED FLAG!

Red Flag! Red Flag!


email received

So we dug deeper into the header of the e-mail as it tells you plenty of stuff there. We found out that this e-mail is from a person Jagdish, in Taikisha Engineering India Pvt. Ltd sending this email out to Centumelectronices with Lawrencek from This is confusing and weird...


We check the IP of the sender and receiver; it seems like coming from the United States. It might not be something new for phishing e-mails, but it worth look at and record it down. If any of these companies see this post, you might want to consider changing the IT department guys or IT contractors or Host Vendors.


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IP Addresses


Credits: Gif via Giphy | Image from Pixabay