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One Page Business Website

A list of beautiful websites, that can be build with our One Page Business Website Solution.

As you know, we have been promoting our One Page Business Website solution for the past few months. Many have asked us what our One Page Business Website looks like and the differences between those already in the market. Well... this is an entry-level solution for any business, and it is also within budget (no matter if it is a startup or established), and it is editable/upgradeable because we build it. 

If you ask about Squarespace / Wix / ReadyMag / Webflow / Weebly / Google Sites / Unicorn Platform / No-Code MVP / Webnode / Yoodu / Creatorlink / Pirply / VEV / Tilda Publishing different from ours
 > SI: One Page Business Website - We provide service to build your site (we don't think you want to mess up work), in-depth details (using google analytic or google firebase), SSL from well known 3rd parties, we have experts to advise & guide you and more service.

If you ask about BigCommerce / Magento / VolusionWooCommerce / 3dcartShopifyKibo / OpenCart / Prestashop different from ours
> These are for an E-commerce site. Our One Page Business Website is more for business information, showcase, contact point, landing page, and more (basic business site with minimal budget). Our One Page Business Website can add more functions like e-commerce, payment, HRM, CRM &, etc. (with additional charges).

Let's not go into Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay because those are totally different things.

Note: Those names mentioned are what people ask us about. We are not against using it, nor we have a problem with it. Each of them has its unique points.


Got it look

Here is some website reference which we can build using our SI: One Page Business Website, so if you see anything you like and you would like to hire us to build it for you, scroll down to the bottom of the page to get our contact.

Single Scroll Page

We will not insert any image of these websites in our article as we might need their consent. Just click on the link to visit their website. Most of them use a Single page with scroll type of presentation, and it's simple yet stunning.


Single Slide Page

Again we will not insert any image of these websites in our article as we might need their consent. Just click on the link to visit their website. Most of them use a single-page slide presentation, and it's pretty amazing and stunning looking.

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If you would like to hire us to create a One Page Business Website for you, please visit this page for more information.

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