Showcases •   Jun 03, 2021

Digital Business Card

A Space To Consolidate Your Social Media

Business cards are those small pieces of professionally printed cards that people carry around and exchange in a traditional way. Back in the traditional era, business cards were the only way to obtain contact information. But in this modern time, especially in this COVID19 of time, social distancing and easy online searching, business cards also go the way of the new digitalization system. 

Some so many people have been promoting getting rid of business cards for a long time. They feel that they are outdated, expensive. The traditional Paper Business cards require time to design, print and update. And if coworkers are going to type the information into their computer, why not send it to them digitally in the first place?

Why would anyone want a physical card now? Having one ready digital card can give you a prepared and allows you to share preferred contact information. Seeing the physical card in a desk drawer from time to time won’t do that,

If we talk of the part of the benefit of designing a digital business card, then it is that you have to think about how you want people to contact you. You need to think about your name, title, organization, phone number, and email address. You also want to include your website and social media contact information. Depending on your business, you include a street address or just a city and state. If you want to remain perfectly professional, then this digital card will give you all the facilities. 

With the need for social distancing, get the advantages of a digital business card without giving people physical cards. You could automatically share every information in a signature in every email and your profile information on your social media platforms. You will want to think about what information is appropriate to share in each sector.


Customize Your Card

Scard builds beyond the primary contact information you see on other business cards. Include your preferred name, add privacy, do edit on your digital business card. Add a picture of your business brand so people remember who you are, what your business is. Include your social media accounts, logos, your pages, and more. Scard is the most customizable digital business card.

Why Scard?

Becoming digital is better for networking and the environment. Digital cards are always available. When you need them, you’ll open your device and send the domain address, QR code, Nfc tag, etc... Domain addresses can share on websites, messenger, print, or screen. QR code can share in close or distance contact on print or screen. NFC can share in close contact on a pre-made tag.


Put social media platforms on your Scard Profile (Digital Business Card)

Social media is relevant to almost every business in this era, and you have to include it on your Scard Profile (digital business card). You can add various social media accounts to your Scard Profile; there are some tips and tricks too.


Facebook pages are the mandatory platform of communication and promotion nowadays. You can add your personal or company’s Facebook page to Scard Profile which is a great way to stay engaged, connected to your audience. 


Worldwide most people are on Twitter these days use it for hashtags and trending topics. If you’re active on Twitter, you can add your Twitter account to help grow your online following by including it on your Scard Profile.


Instagram is now a great platform for business owners. Add your Instagram account to your Scard Profile, which can be beneficial to show your company portfolio to the clients.  


The most formal and professional platform on social media is now considered Linkedln. LinkedIn is a great source to add to your digital card if you want to handle your business professionally. If you're trying to grow your LinkedIn connections, you should add a Linkedln profile to your Scard Profile.


Now youtube creators are very famous, and youtube is a great source for so many businesses to promote. If you have any video content to show off, upload it to the YouTube channel and place the youtube video or channel link too, which will help people know about your youtube platform, and it will also help you grow more subscribers. It’s just a fact of one click.

eCommerce Platforms

Scard Profile is also given the facilities to the eCommerce business owners. If you have an eCommerce site or an online store, you can add your eCommerce website links to the card, and people can easily go to the site and purchase the products from your site within the digital card with only an easy click. 

Online Classified Portals

Online classified portals for the automotive industry, be it if you are selling automotive accessories or providing repair services that are now essential to many people. You can list them on Scard Profile, as we have these options. Don’t be surprised; even if you are a property agent, you can link your classifieds ads on Scard Profile, especially at this pandemic time. You can publish your services in your Scard Profile so your visitors will know it right away. 


There’s no doubt that the word “normal life” has been flipped and upside down. Our office work is now merely a short walk from the bedroom to the living room. The days of wearing formal style and working in the office place with coworkers sitting beside have gone; those have now been replaced with scheduled online Hours. Like, “Hello everyone, do you hear me?” and then start the meeting together online. Even now, the booking of a hotel, flight to go to any conference you’ve been looking forward to going completely virtual. So this is the time you put yourself out from the traditional paper cards to the digital cards on Scard.  

Where “normal life” has a completely new meaning, some things haven’t changed yet. Likewise, we are still looking to grow our network because that new opportunity may arise. So, virtual cards like Scard are the new opportunities to open this platform.  

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