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Why do you need a website for your business?

Who said small business doesn't need website? Keep scrolling and learn why even small business needs website in this digital era.

Globalization, technological advances, and pandemic incidents that happened these past few months made us realize nothing would remain the same in this world. Like how living creatures, in general, naturally adapt to keep on living. Especially as people who depend their lives on their business, we should try harder so our business will survive. The pandemic strikes us by showing us the reality that if we depend on our offline marketing will kill us day by day.

Branding in the digital world is not hard if you know the tricks well. Having a website is one of the prime players to dig deeper into introducing and marketing your business. Trying to build a business without a website is wasting your business the chance to grow and evolve. Keep reading this page, and let us tell you how and why you need a website to build your business.


1. Website is the center of your company’s online presence.

You can use social media or e-commerce networks for marketing your product. But social media and e-commerce network have their own limitations. The limitation comes from the feature and behaviors of the customers. By making a website the main marketing platform, you can be whatever you want without adjusting to the existed limitation. If you can set your own content and features, why bother adjusting them? You can also reach out to more people and know which one of them is your potential customers.

Do we say social media and e-commerce network is useless? Absolutely not. The collaboration of your website, social media, and e-commerce is what online marketing is. As the backbone of your online presence, every type of communication, piece of content, or advertisement that you put online will drive the consumer back to your website.

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2. Your Website Establish Your Credibility

The more satisfied customer you have, the more you receive positive reviews and mouth-to-mouth promotions. A business that has its own official website presents positive impressions of your seriousness in building a business. You also look more successful and progressive, both from your services and performance quality.

Having a well-designed, informative, and consistent website also helps you strengthen your business's brand and characteristics. It doesn’t matter either your business is small or you’ve just taken your first steps; we at Supercharge Interactive are ready to guide and support you in building a professional website for your business.


3. Website makes your business always open and ready to serve, 24/7!

This thing seems trivial, whereas it is the most profitable one. Business defines as our relationship with customers. To build a small business, the last thing you provide is a ready-to-serve and knowledgeable salesperson. The use of physical location and salesperson certainly has a time limit per day. With a website, you will remove this working hour limitation. Your potential customer can see and visit your business anytime they want, and there is no need to mind the working hour. The information and features that you put on your website are certainly ready to replace those salespersons to satisfy your potential customer’s curiosity.

Imagine your potential customer that comes home from a long day work and is getting ready to rest, suddenly remembers they ought to buy something from you, and in this hour your physical store might be closed already and wait until tomorrow is not possible, all they need to do is just tapping their gadget and visiting your website.  From your website, they can check around what you offer, the concept of your product, variants that might suit them, your contacts, or even your physical address to visit. In short, having a business online is like a 7-eleven store combines with a free 24/7 knowledgeable salesperson standing there waiting for customers.


4. 93% Buying Decisions Comes from Search Engine

Yes, what you read is right, and I know we can relate. The potential customer usually loves to do some research on their favorite search engine before purchasing. They research the price to make sure their wish list still fits the budget, choose material and variant, and determine which one comes with the best deal (include discounts, voucher, shipping fee) for them. Without a website, this opportunity of introducing your product gets reduced by 93%. That means you could only sell to 7% of your true potential market. It would be a waste if you didn’t solve this soon.


5. Beating your competitors online through the use of modern SEO tactics

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs use the internet to expand their businesses. So, the one who doesn’t use the internet well will go broke somehow. But using the internet without a tactic is useless. It would be best if you had good tactics to beat your competitors. Through modern SEO tactics like content creation or social media marketing, you can stay on top of the competition and attract more customers to your business. But it would be best if you considered the cost because, without a good SEO, your site may fail badly. On the opposite, the investment or expenses done by a good SEO will give your company a good return. Many businesses fail because they lack SEO tactics, and some become top positioning because of good SEO.


6. Using the website to increase traffic and expose yourself abroad

Internet is an unlimited universe. It provides potency for you to market over the world by using an online store. Before the internet existed, opening a store in a strategic place is a must because it can attract more people. Meanwhile, a store in a strategic place is expensive enough, and not every beginner in business can afford it. Using the internet can be advantageous for everyone because you can reach someone you never know, and the buyer doesn’t have to set their own foot into your store.

Building a website for your business allows you to see potential customers from abroad. You can increase traffic and expose your store to the whole world, so your store becomes visible to everyone. You can use SEO tactics to boost your potential customer so your online store will not in vain. The minimum impact that we could expect is your business to get recognized by potential customers from your country’s regional area.

7. Your competitors are already online

Your business can’t make progress if you stuck with the old ideas. Try checking your favorite search engine and see how are your competitor’s doing in this digital era. I bet, no matter what your kind of business, two or three of your competitors already exposed themselves through the website. If you insist on depending only on the offline business, your competitors will beat you sooner or later. Having a website, you also must make an attractive and good website in terms of design, load time, search engine optimization, etc. That can make your website more attractive than your competitors.


8. Strictly operating on a social media platform is unwise

Maybe you think that using social media is enough to promote your business, so you don’t bother to use another platform. Social media that are often used are Facebook and Instagram. Using social media as a platform to boost exposure is good. Still, you must use another platform to maximize your promotion and get other alternatives if your social media is broken someday. Social media like Facebook and Instagram have their own regulation, and if you broke the rules, your account would be suspended temporarily or permanently. If that happens, you will lose all your effort, and you must start from zero again. Another thing that can happen is your account is hacked, and the hacker uses your account to do something bad, and it will ruin your reputation. Using social media is good for business, but it will be better to connect it with your website. You will be steadier, and you can control your online platform better.

9. Having a good testimonial and become your portfolio in the future

People can trust and buy your products by only look at the positive testimonial on your website. You can use the testimonial as a tool to attract more customers because people tend to believe what people are saying. But to get a positive testimonial, you should make your customer satisfied and don’t disappoint them. If you ruin their faith in you, you will lose many things in the future.

10. Connect to your customers

11. Use Google Analytics to look for your customer’s favorite

Google Analytics is so useful for you if you want to see what people are looking for. Using Google Analytics, you can see which pages they visit, how long they stay there, and what they click on.

You can’t track individual people, but you can track them as a group, and this gives you precious insights about your website is doing well and which part of your website might need improvement. Perhaps the most valuable thing tracking analytics provides the feedback about your messaging and delivery.  With an inside view of how people interact with your website, you can make changes that produce serious results. If you still don’t track your website visitors yet, you miss out on information your competition has, which makes them one step ahead compared to you.


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What could be even better? We will run a free giveaway contest for the One Page Business Website soon in July, do watch out for the next update. Stay awesome, and see you!


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