Alerts •   Sep 06, 2012

Hussan Al-Rifi, 3rd son of General Ali Sharif Al-Rifi : Email Scam

Email from Hussan Al-Rifi, 3rd son of General Ali Sharif Al-Rifi

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Hahaha good one!

This email caught our attention because it's from General Ali Sharif Al-Rifi’s third son. 

– in the email –

Dear Sir/madam,

Assalamu Alaikum!

Sorry I had to send you this message again, my email was hacked into yesterday and all my messages were deleted so i was unable to get/see your reply, please take note of my new email account when replying.

The is the second time am emailing you this information, my name is Hussan Al-Rifi the third son of General Ali Sharif Al-Rifi, Libyan politician and Minister of Internal security during the time of Colonel Gaddafi. I lost my elder brothers during the crisis in Libya.

Subsequently I have just finished studying for my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Harvard Business School. I saw your profile in a link on the Harvard business directory and I decided to contact you.

Just to let you know that my family is facing political problems with the new Libyan Government and this made them to cross over to Niamey Niger. I am travelling out of the USA tomorrow to Niamey capital of Niger to see my family as they are in asylum in this country bordering Libya in the South.

My father has instructed me to look for a reliable partner that can help us take custody of our family funds and invest it wisely. The funds in question, my father acquired from his proceeds in crude oil allocations during the time of Gaddafi. The principal is in total of $13.5million deposited in a safe place in Tummu Libya.

I must also tell you that my family is facing a political mix up with the new Libyan Government and that is why we need someone like you that can represent us in claiming the funds and help us to invest and manage it. Upon your agreement, I will furnish with all the details and we will take it from there.

Please contact me at your earliest so I can explain more about this matter. You must not reply me through my Harvard business school email because it will be deactivated soon as I have finished my studies in Harvard. Reply me via my private email: ([email protected])

I wait to hear from you.

Thank you.


Hussan Al-Rifi

– end of message –

ya right


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