Tips •   Jul 23, 2021

List of Email Marketing Services

Use by marketeers & entrepreneur all over the world.

This is the list of e-mail marketing tools, services, software & tools in the market for marketers & entrepreneurs.

Online E-mail Marketing Tools









Software / App


Why use e-mail for marketing your products & services or even brand awareness?
We want to avoid being biased on e-mail marketing strategy, so it is best to give you links to read on real case studies and examples and decide if it is worth investing in.

The most effective e-mail marketing strategy uses Information / Informative E-mail, Daily / Weekly / Monthly Newsletter, Product / Service / Discount / Business Update & Transaction E-mail to convert to sales. The audience is people you cross pathed with or existing clients. We are not talking about those contact you bought from the dark web, and most of the contact are people you don't know or ever interact with.


Is sending e-mails illegal?


If you want to keep everything simple and hands-free, talk to us today about your e-mail & digital marketing campaign.
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