Alerts •   Apr 04, 2021

Google for real or someone imitating Google?

Make a guess

Do you get a slip like this in your mailbox recently? We did, and we thought this is from Google. (no envelop & no stamp)
After looking closely, it isn't, and we believe it's someone trying to imitate Google. There is a short link and a QR code to scan; it is printed on the slip, so we try to visit and scan it and see what is in it.


We got a domain to retrieve from the short link (, which links to, and it is made using Google Site Builder, but it's not Google but trying to imitate that is Google or Google Sales Partner. The QR Code is good because it's Google Form; how nice to imitate Google like this so many people who do not know will believe that they are from Google. We searched deeply with the phone number (6344 0105) listed on the website, and we were shocked to find out that it is from a Singapore Public Listed Company (SGX:1F1).


Now the question is, why would a public listed company do such a thing? Is this legal or legit, and is this even allowed? We believe this behavior is prohibited from Google Partner T&C.

Also, a .site domain is only $1.57 first year, with a second year is $27.35. Renewal is $54.02 yearly (it might change in the future, this is the current listed price from Google Site is FREE.
The only thing we can think of is they are selling Google Workspace, but it seems misleading.