Alerts •   Feb 27, 2022

Scam on Gmail

an old traditional Nigerian Scam

One of us got this email recently from Yu Qing, not sure who she is but we did a background check and we found the email return path is this email address [email protected] and her email address is [email protected] . (only Google knows where is this person located because they are able to see the IP location internal if they want to)

It is clear that Yu Qing is a Chinese who might be from Mainland China or Hong Kong, Taiwan or any part of the world where the Chinese lives. But our bet is on Mainland China or Hong Kong. But the email aisha aminu dabo tells you this person might be Nigeria.

This kind of scam is a classic Nigerian style if you do a search on Google you can see plenty of them

Usually, this will happen, Yu Qing (aisha aminu dabo) will tell you that she works at a bank (like Bank Of China) or she's from some authority position with a lot of unclaimed money. Then she'll ask for your help to move the money out of the bank and her country.

This is a scam and you should not reply to this email. If you do, you might end up losing your money. Many people have been scammed by emails like this before, so be careful and don't trust anyone who emails you asking for money or giving you money. Respond to emails from people you know and trust. (Give that person a call to double or triple-confirm it is from that person you know; there are many impersonation trends happening these days.)

If you think you might have been scammed, report it to the police or your bank. This reminds us of the recent OCBC SMSes Phishing Scam happening in Singapore.

email proof

To end this we want to share James Veitch's video when he replied to the scammer (we don't advise you to do that).