Alerts •   Sep 19, 2021

Highly Paid Job on Facebook

by beautiful mature ladies is hiring

Have you seen these Facebook posts? Post that contains women or mature ladies offering highly paid jobs to men or young men. The payout can be pretty good, which can be $4,500 to $8,000. All you need to do is to send them a small sum of money to verify if you are interested. It seems like a good deal, especially for an unemployed person or someone who wants a job switch.


Facebook job post by - Sugar Mummy / Lonely Woman Facebook job post by - Sugar Mummy / Lonely Woman Facebook job post by - Sugar Mummy / Lonely Woman Facebook job post by - Sugar Mummy / Lonely Woman


But then you begin to ask yourself, is it really that easy and that the salary is that high? Is there really such a lonely person behind the post?

After doing some research, we found out that it's all part of an internet scam. The people who are being scammed are men and women, sometimes with good looking men posts.

The so-called person behind the post is not really there. These people will direct you to a website or platform that tells you wonderful stories and usually end up asking you for money to know if you are sincere/serious (By clicks). Another method is these people will reply to your WhatsApp / Facebook / Instagram messaging with wonderful stories. At the end of their funnel, they will ask you for money to verify if you are sincere/serious (By Messaging).

The most common one is to buy Gift Cards (Alipay Purchase Cards, iTunes cards, etc.). After you give them the Gift Card information, they will disappear or disconnect with you, whereas they can withdraw or spend on their end. Leaving you to decide if you want to make a police report.


We think that if social networking giants should be more vigilant about their new registrations, monitoring, or related reporting instances; so you will be able to avoid these. As we all know, it is quite simple to create a social media account than to delete one; nevertheless, there are lots of online tools accessible for these scammers to exploit these easy registration rules put out by social media giants, all because of the number of users/accounts produced for them to interact with individuals online creating massive traffics. Those users and traffic does create some commercial values for them.

Not sure if you are aware of these:

  • Facebook estimate a value of $1.21 trillion (2021) with more than 2.8 billion monthly active users as of July 2021
  • Instagram estimate a value at $102 billion (2021) with more than 1.16 billion active users.
  • Whatsapp estimates a value of $1.5 billion (2021) with more than 2 billion active users.

*These statistics are gathered from Google searches.


Avoid at all cause

Here's what you can do to avoid these scams or traps:

  1. Please be cautious whenever you want to add someone to your social media contact list or send a message to one of them.
  2. The other thing you can do is to ignore the post immediately after seeing it because usually, the scammers are deleted shortly after posting these scam stories.
  3. It's also important that you have to be vigilant about what you share on social media. If it doesn't seem to be too valuable or valuable, then don't post it or share it with your friends and family members so they won't fall for this scam as well, because if this scam is scamming their friends' friends, there's a possibility that they will get scammed even further down the line.
  4. There is no such thing as an attractive amount of money without working for it! Money doesn't fall off the sky so easily.
  5. Don't give your bank account and credit card details. They will use it to withdraw or purchase items with your money without you noticing it.


Here's what you can do if you are scammed:

  1. Go to your local police station and lodge a report about what happened.
  2. You must keep records of these scams, so don't delete or throw away any irrelevant information. For example, screenshots of the posts (if possible), text messages exchanged with the scammer, social media chats between you and the scammers, etc. If the scammer has your banking information, you should also report this to the bank and request a new one.
  3. As additional information, if you come across any form of internet scams like phishing emails, social media messages, copy the texts and forward them to your friends on social media so they can be aware of these scams. If you want to get rid of this scam post quickly, delete it immediately because crooks sell these posts for money.


Social media phishing scams are a serious problem, and they use a variety of methods to obtain your information and money. You'd be shocked at how many individuals fall for this. People shouldn't get angry when they're scammed since there's no such thing as a pretty amount of money that isn't earned. The greatest method to avoid these frauds is to be more vigilant about sharing online and avoid sharing personal information on social media. As an additional tip, if you encounter any internet scams like phishing emails, social media messages, screenshot the posts and send them to your friends so they can be aware of these frauds too. You should also contact your local police department and tell them about the scam.


Credits: Gif by Tenor & Giphy