Alerts •   Jun 19, 2021

Domain Certificate Expiry

There Is No Such Thing Call Domain Certificate

email received

Lol (Laughs Out Loud), this is the first time we heard about Domain Certificate. We only heard about Domain Registration, Domain Registrar, SSL Certificate, Domain Validated Certificate but not Domain Certificate.


Here some information about

  1. Domain Registration
  2. SSL Certificate - We are also providing SSL services, be it free or paid.

Further, check on this; it is not a real domain, so we went deep to see who is sending this. sent the mail in the detail header. As you can see, we got a warning page saying the page is dangerous to access. We did not enter as we don't want to risk our assets being compromised.

We went on with the IP address, and we found out it was sent from IRAN! (We can stop here; no point moving ahead)

email header site warning

IP address

Conclusion: Don't believe in all these. always check where you purchase the domain, and as for SSL, you can always look for us at Supercharge (www.Supercharge.Business) for assistance.
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