Alerts •   Jul 22, 2021

Bots on Social Media

layman on the street, wouldn't know they are bots

There are many bots hidden in social media these days for various missions & objectives.

  • For spamming (usually selling products or services).
  • Some are propaganda or conspiracy theory stuff for spreading viral news (Good / Bad & Evil).
  • For hacking (steal credentials/accounts), some do it for fun, and some want to sell it for money.
  • To waste people time / give people a hard time to focus on important things in life.

This is one good example, and it joins groups on Facebook and spams messages like making money, tips on stock, tips on lottery or life improvement stuff with links like WhatsApp link to get your credentials. They come in many faces (image) and backgrounds.

Here are some links on social media bots



These are bots that have beautiful pictures (most of the time, they steal it from the internet) to add you as a friend and start all kinds of BS after that. So... please don't fall for it. Warn your friends too.
Enjoy and Happy socialising but be safe!