Alerts •   Mar 30, 2022

Dubious profile on Linkedin, again!

so much work to do joining this social media platform

Temasek Holdings has recently warned the public about fraudulent profiles on social media sites such as LinkedIn, in which one or more profiles claim to work for them.

In a press release on March 19 2022, the state investment firm stated that these persons are submitting connection requests, and it's "may be difficult to tell genuine from fake profiles".

"Like many professionals, Temasek employees have LinkedIn profiles and connect with friends, colleagues and business associates. However, Temasek employees will never conduct Temasek business on social media platforms," the firm said.

The organization advised customers and users not to enter into contracts or business transactions due to social media contacts.

"If you are approached by someone on LinkedIn purporting to be a Temasek employee, you should take independent steps to verify that the person you are dealing with is a genuine Temasek employee. You should also report fictitious or dubious profiles to the social media operator," it added.

All Temasek email addresses end in "", the firm said, adding that its employees do not conduct official business using personal email addresses from providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

"Please exercise caution and take steps to satisfy yourself, in any business dealings conducted online, that you are dealing with a genuine Temasek officer who has the authority to conduct or enter into business transactions," the firm said.


This is not the first time Linkedin has had an issue like this. Before, NCS had a similar problem (see image below); we had such an issue before, and we did report it to Linkedin, they didn't give a damn about it. They ignored us, maybe because we are not an International Company.

ncs group fake profile

We believe that the majority of social media sites' objective is to attract as many people as possible so they may increase their user base and advertising revenue, which goes against the idea that the user is real or not. We discovered a slew of data leaks throughout our research. Some software vendors claim their product can produce accurate leads via Linkedin Profile information such as name, the company they work for, job title, email address, contact information, and profile photo. This is more like buying contacts for sales and marketing purposes. Of course, there are many things we can do with the leads data, given that it is very rich information unless most of the Profiles on the platform are fake.

If you have access to read this, consider taking our advice and providing as little information as possible, always double-check for unusual activities on such a social network, and limit your business connections in these social networks.