Alerts •   Nov 14, 2021

World Largest E-commerce Spying On Websites, Exposed!


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Recalling our post on Amazon has been secretly clicking our googles ad and visiting our website with anonymised internet access (VPN)? And we caught their act. Refer:

Most of us will be furious since they contribute fraudulent clicks, which pollute your data while simultaneously depleting our advertising budget on a regular basis.


We've been waiting for so long, and now we know what they're up to. We believe they carried out this action because they have a comparable product on their e-commerce. Of course, you could argue that it's the reseller or drop shipper on their platform who is doing it. On the contrary, there is nothing unethical about this. It's simply part of the market research process, which we are the smarter ones who understand how to delve in-depth with data and establish beacons.

We believe commercial environments are changing, and we must embrace internet technologies to help you evaluate your business climate and competition. We're talking about worldwide competition when we enter the digital era. This is why we must be on top of the game, even if you are just a small business. Being a small business doesn't mean you can't use these technologies to get ready to expand since you need to be prepared and ready at all times.

First and foremost, we can assist you in achieving these objectives by assisting you with setting up beacons to monitor who your competitors are and what they just did online, which may need to be watched for or restrategized (advertising and promotion/plan). Visit for more detail about our services.

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