Alerts •   May 16, 2020

Supplier Remittance : Malware Alert

Email that send malware. Warn everyone to look out for this sender or similar email.

This may be why many people, especially those who had no idea how or what a phishing + malware email looks like.
It will pretend to be forwarding an email of an order or wanted to order something from you and all sorts of ways to make you open up that attachment in the email.

Key details in this email : Supplier Remittance - Batch Ref - Caress Meijer - Van Uhm. b.v. - [email protected] - - De Bieffel 3 7622 BM Borne - +31 (0) 74 266 2905 - Account Payable - James Johnston and Company of Elgin Ltd - Registered in Scotland - SCO22553 - - Tarmac Building Products Limited - 4026569


Now go warn everyone to look out for this sender or similar email!
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Malware attachment

Credit: Image by Elchinator from Pixabay