Alerts •   Jul 11, 2020

Your Competitor Behaviour

We too cannot believe they can behaviour like this

Here is another example to show how your competitor behaves online. This person (Competitors) or team is trying to drain the advertising budget with MyRepublic connection IPv4 hitting our ads 3 times on google search and exits the site within 4mins.


  1. They did it for fun by draining other people's budgets?
  2. They want to drain the advertising budget so that theirs can show up next.
  3. They want to raise the CTR, Bounce Rate and raise the CPC on those keywords = drain advertising budgets in the long run.

"If you are able to lower the Bounce Rate and increase the CTR of your site, you send Google some very good signals." via Advance Web Ranking

Some experts might tell you these

  1. erm.. it might be your content is boring, so they excited so quick
  2. erm.. you might have similar keywords which lead the same group back
  3. erm.. internet got many unexplainable...



The FACTs (Your competitors might not know)

  1. ClickCease will not report if it wasn't human (bot) if it wasn't a genuine customer (competitors), and if it wasn't hired contractors to click your ads.
  2. The IP Address, Device ID, Geolocation, Time Spend, Mouse Movement, Page Movement, and Repeater are considered fraud clicks.


There are a lot of things you can do with Clickcease to prevent a bleeding advertising budget.... you can't claim the losses from G***** because it will be a painful process for you to go through it, and you may never get anything in the end (trust us, we tried).

Now we are providing 3 solutions for you in such a situation;

  1. Google Ads Fraud Click Detection: Managed Account - We will manage your fraud clicks account with the following service to register, install, configure and report to you every month (1-year package, renewable). Click here to learn more about this service by e-mail us for more discussion.
  2. Google Ad Fraud Click Detection: Setup Account - We will only help you to register & install. The application provider will assist you further for configuration and reports, but if you need help, we can help you (some assistant requires person-hours, so it is chargeable).
  3. Google Ad Fraud Click Detection: Self Services Account - This is for those who know programming code, knows everything you read, and understands this service. You can click on the banner link shown on the page and DIY yourself. The same thing in any time if you need help, we can help you (some assistant requires person-hours, so it is chargeable).

You can also try your luck to win a trial from us at this page:




Credits: Image via Pixabay