Promotions •   Sep 26, 2021

We are selling VPN addresses to prevent your Display Campaign

from being depleted.

Hey Digital Marketers, Active Campaign owners, are you running a display campaign? Would you be interested in buying IP addresses to block unwanted clicks (they are usually mobile app, platform and site owners?) They explored your resources by using VPN of various countries, locations and even different providers.

All you need to do is to use this list, copy and paste it into the IP exclusion list so these people who use the IP addresses will not be able to see it. It would be best to have genuine users interested in your products or services and not people who want to do research or try to drain your resources (wasting your money).

Adding these IPs to the exclusion list allows you to reach out further and increase the number of leads that may lead to income. We are not suggesting that VPN providers are unethical; instead, we recommend restricting access to your campaign for your resources can be utilized fully.

fence needed

For a display campaign, you should avoid these VPN providers.

  • CloudFlare Inc
  • OVH Singapore Pte Ltd
  • AAPT Limited
  • Think Huge Ltd
  • HKNet Company Limited - NTT Com Asia
  • Unit 828 8/F Corporation Park Shatin NT HK
  • Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
  • Prodigy Communication System Limited
  • Amazon Data Services Singapore
  • Amazon Data Services Japan
  • Amazon Technologies Inc.
  • Amazon Corporation LLC
  • Linode LLC
  • GSL Networks Pty Ltd
  • Whiz Communications Pte Ltd
  • Netskope Inc.
  • OSINet
  • Opera Software AS
  • Web2Objects LLC
  • Softlayer Technologies LLC
  • Softsys Hosting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Digital Virtualisation Solutions SRL
  • Zenlayer Inc.
  • Zscaler Inc.
  • Bluecoat Systems Inc
  • OpenDNS
  • Forcepoint Cloud Ltd
  • DigitalOcean LLC
    & the list goes on...


VPNs are a technology that allows people to access the internet from a remote location. When connected to a VPN, they can be anywhere globally and appear as if they're in another country. With a VPN, people can be in Brazil and seem as if they're in Singapore. VPNs work by rerouting data packets from their source IP address to a new address that is secret. VPNs alter the IP address to secure encrypted access to their network when individuals use public connections, while others may utilize it for virtual devices. On the other hand, many of them employ virtual devices/in-app web to click on display advertisements fraudulently. This is how we get their information.

We recommend buying and adding this list because every click is chargeable by these IP addresses, and you have no proof or right to say it is fraud clicks or illegal. Even if you have, the giant will deny everything you have on the table, and it will take months and years to battle this dispute.

We are selling this list (Version 1 with 200 addresses) for SGD 10.00. It is not expensive, and you get to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in your campaign for just SGD 10.00. It's good, especially you are targeting the Singapore Market.

take note


  • We do not list names or tell you who owns these IPs or IP addresses belong to who. Our intention is not to attack the VPN companies but to help you prevent your ads campaign from being drain by unethical users who use these companies' services for their benefit.
  • Using this list of IP addresses is not going to stop these businesses from functioning. You can start without hesitation because you may launch your ad campaign with confidence knowing that they will not see it or do any harm to your campaign.
  • You are allowed to use this purchase list as many times in your campaign or the campaign you're managing as an agency or freelance digital marketer. Still, you are not permitted to resell it as a product or pass it on to another person in any return.


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