Alerts •   May 24, 2020

Paypal Phishing Email

Did you get any Paypal Phishing Email lately? Report them!

Beware, Don't Get Hooked - Paypal EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer)
In the email, Paypal mention these

With so many emails flowing in and out of our inboxes every day, it’s hard to know which is ‘fishy’ and which isn’t. As online hoaxes are getting more sophisticated, it’s important to learn how to spot the fakes to stay safer online.

If you believe you've received a phishing email that appears to have come from PayPal, don’t respond and don’t click on any links or open any attachments. Simply forward the entire email to [email protected] and delete it.

Paypal also teaches you how to protect yourself from Phishing emails on their website. So when you spot one, you should report that fake email immediately to prevent more people from getting cheated.

This advance notice initiative to all users is a good move! We really like it!

The reason why we received this email warning is that we are
1. Paypal User. We use their services to pay other people for their products and services.
2. Paypal Merchant. At the same time, we are also the Merchant; our customers/clients from Singapore and other parts of the World pay us via Paypal terminal.
3. Paypal Developer. We also help a business owner who needs to receive payment online via tools like Paypal. You can check on this page if you are interested or if someone in mind might need our service. You can send them this link.

It is totally safe to use Paypal as

  • User
  • Merchant

If you or someone in mind would like to use the Paypal terminal online to receive payment, we can help you. Visit this service page of ours today to know more.
At the same time, if you or someone in mind would like to know more about EDM (electronic direct mailer) or DEM (direct electronic marketing) and how we can help you, please visit this service page of ours today too!

Thank you!

Credit: Gif via Giphy | Image via Paypal EDM