Alerts •   Mar 15, 2022

Mysterious Chinese message on Apple iPhone

also appear on iOS Home app

Some of you may have received Mysterious Chinese SMSes on your iPhone and even on your iOS Home app. 

messages on home app Notification

The message goes like this:

苹果推全球接单,不限行业,不限文案,一手实力机房,有需要联系 Telegrama:@pgt66666

苹果推全球接单,不限行业,不限文案,一手实力机房,有需要联系 Telegrama:@beiwodushu WhatsApp:+85251047708

What we understand is these Chinese techs have ways to push messages or iMessage (those advertising or marketing for sales purposes) to all Apple devices globally with no industrial limits and no content limits. They mention they operate with 1 handed device (we believe this is a server machine or datacenter). 

iMessage contact detail

They are targeting desperate business owners but most likely targeting advertisers in the gambling, financial loan and illegal trades as they have restricted reach in advertising. Wait... not really restricted because we do see those advertisements or sponsorship on Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram.

If you are doing legitimate business, we don't think you should look for them as they may have hidden agenda behind their services and you might be financing a group of bad people harming the ecosystem.