Alerts •   Dec 20, 2020

Leads Automation that goes..

weird.... without human involvement

Some of you (refer to the marketeers or digital marketing gurus) know there are such tools in every social networking platform. We're talking about Leads Generating or Sales Pitching Tools with a plus AUTOMATION or AI (artificial intelligence operated). This means setup something and lets it run automatically with AI.
Here's what our colleague encountered. It's 3 or more people using the same pitches on 1 person. After pointing it out to them, they treat it like it never happened.

First Encounter: This is an outstanding presentation and converted with a reply, but it just stops there.

Second Encounter: This time around, a lady. Same pitch line, after pointing out to her, the message goes off with "Haha, awesome."


Third Encounter: With a different person, this time is a guy. It's automation for sure; no reply at all. It just wants to bring across their message with the discount code and hope for conversion at their website.

This is what we understand from the sales pitch: 

  • It's a new school or a new course. Not sure if it is an online course or a physically conducted course. 
  • They are working & have been working with Singapore Government. (but they're not MOE register, nor they have Edu-Trust. Want to know more about EduTrust - They are not in SAPE too)
  • They are trying to collect information like your learning style? The focus is on Asia currently.
  • There is a National Index call AGI (according to the website: Agility Growth Index (AGI) helps you develop talent, improve communication and achieve business goals more effectively.) We can't find this index in either...



Disclaimer: this post is not to shame or discriminate what you use or who you are or represent. We are just sharing what can be done better with business tools online so everyone can avoid the same issue encountered. Also, sharing our experience encountering this.


Credits: image via twenty20 | gif via Giphy