Alerts •   Jun 13, 2021

Is this Book safe?

You decide after reading

We always ask ourselves whether the social media giant is safe after so many legal boundaries crossed.

This is what we encounter on them recently:
They allow online casino sponsors' ads to be broadcast in Singapore when it is illegal.

  1. Four arrested in enforcement operation against illegal gambling activities

They also allow vape sponsors' ads to be broadcast in Singapore when it is illegal.

  1. Illegal vape devices and accessories sold openly on messaging apps, social media platforms


They also allow unapproved drugs on their market place which in Singapore when it is illegal.



All these sponsored ads are targeting Singapore as this account is set in this geolocation. (we are not sure about the age group, gender, education targets as an advertiser is allowed to specific terms before launching the campaign).


Now you decide if any of your family members of any age or gender are safe using and seeing these because till today we don't see any authority taking any action on the Social Media Giant. The only time we see authority getting the Social Media Giant for questioning on the misuse of data by Cambridge Analytica (see video below).