Tips •   Sep 23, 2021

Is Facebook boost post worth after all?

What do you think when you see this?

Have you ever had your campaign ruined by fraudulent accounts? Even when you make it clear that the age group is 18 and older?


We were surprised by this response since we made it clear that our campaign is for 20 to 45.
Sure... the Social Media Platforms don't mind if a user is phoney or underage. All they want is your advertising money.

If you know this little girl or know the parents, it would be good to tell them their child should not join social media if they are under 13. If she is over 13, there should be some kind of monitoring. Or if their child did not join this social media, they should immediately make a police report for impersonation on social media.

Facebook Campaign - Audience Setting Details

This is scary if this is really a kid responding, it appears to be under the age of 13. We realize that Facebook's minimum legal age to create an account is 13 years old. Don't Facebook verify their users. We don't think this is a genuine account because there are too many fraudulent ones on this social network. The images appear to be phoney, as they look stolen from somewhere.

Legal age to join and use Facebook


After reading this, you should have a better idea of whether it's worth it. Although the response may not be that great after reading this all, perhaps it is for eyes only.

Credits: Gif by Tenor & Giphy