Tips •   Sep 07, 2020

How well do you know your website?

How well you know your website, gives you a greater foresight of your business

Now that you have your website, do you know any details apart from its design and content? Having a website requires a lot of effort and monitoring. Monitoring your website helps you to track down how your marketing strategies are performing.

Your website is the only powerful tool that gives you a robust online presence. Therefore, it is essential to take additional measures to track down its performance using cost-effective tools like Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager. Do you want to know how they can help you track your activities for your website? Well, check them out below.

Is a Website Checkup Necessary?

You might have asked yourself this question several times. Yes, it is. Many website owners tend to ignore website checkups because they don’t know their advantages. Your website is your marketing asset.

Therefore, conducting a proper checkup ensures that your online presence remains strong. Also, it helps you to stay competitive in your industry. Don't be the type of owner who ignores website checkups. If you can’t do it yourself, consider outsourcing your website checkup and maintenance to our experts. With a professional checkup, your website can:

  • Reduce costs and improve revenues for your business.
  • Meet your customers’ expectations
  • Represent your brand and business effectively
  • Attract your intended audience and convert them to customers and subscribers


How Google Tag Manager (GTM) Works on Your Website

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that enables you to deploy and monitor your marketing tags by adding snippet codes to your website. GTM allows you to track conversions, analytics, etc., without the need for a webmaster.

For instance, GTM allows the sharing of information from your website to Google Analytics for analysis. It is helpful, especially if you have many tags to manage since all of the code is stored in a central location. Despite Google Analytics providing some universal insights, it has some limitations. That is where GTM comes in to help you collect more useful data as you can.

Advantages of Google Tag Manager

  1. Eliminates Overdependence on Web Developers
    A significant advantage of GTM is that it makes it easier for you to manage tags (snippets of code included in a website to collect data and share it with third parties) without necessarily relying on web developers. This is advantageous because it reduces the cost you’ll incur when paying developers to perform this simple action. It only takes a few minutes to add, edit, or remove tags through GTM's user-friendly interface.
  2. It Speeds up Your Website
    Apart from the management of tags on your website, GTM performs this rare feature. Your site's speed is the one that gives your users a fantastic user experience. Here’s how GTM boosts your sites speed:
    - Asynchronous loading
    - Code cleanup and consolidation
  3. Helps Your Business to Move Faster
    With GTM, you don’t need to wait for the developers to perform tag modification. You only need to navigate through its user-friendly interface and do your magic with ease. Sounds great, right? GTM is one of the current cost-effective tools to streamline your website and take your business to greater heights.




How to Install Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for Your Website

Installing these crucial tools on your website is quite easy. However, you need some knowledge concerning how they function. Don't worry; you can outsource the work to Supercharge Interactive (SI). We at SI can install and manage all your website needs. Check out our website and engage us for quick assistance.

How to Know if Your Website Needs a Checkup

It is crucial to keep an eye on your website to check how it performs. It would be best if you were proactive in attracting clients. However, as a business owner, you might be held up with other productive activities. If that’s your case, you can seek assistance from Supercharge Interactive (SI). Our experts are highly trained to inspect your website and identify any available errors. Your website is an important marketing tool that needs close attention. That is what we exactly do for you. You can rest assured that your website is in perfect condition, performing its purpose with our services. Don’t wait until your website develops issues; constant maintenance is what such an asset deserves.

Now that you’ve seen how GA and GTM can help you, inculcate them in your marketing strategies. For sure, you’ll rest assured that your business will flourish to greater heights.


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