Hires •   May 06, 2021

Front-End Developers on Full-time - Remote

We're hiring, if you are looking for some challenging work stick around with us - SI Insights : SI Hiring

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Thank you for sticking around to read this article.
We are looking for Front-End Developers to work with us on Full-time - Remote.
We know you may be a Professional Expert, Senior, Intermediate candidate so, we will need you to take our basic tests before considering if you qualified on our review list.

We're Hiring

Before you go ahead with the steps to apply, you need to make sure your requirements:

  • Know how to use version control (git)
  • Experience using TailwindCSS
  • Experience creating animation in web interaction with CSS & JS
  • Know how to operate Adobe XD
  • Good communication skill (English Preferred)

Good to have:

  • Have good taste in UI design & produce good design


  • Good Self-Management Skill that doesn't carry these symptoms like Lack of Time / Always Ask For Extension / Mood Swing / Lose Temper / Cannot Handle Stress / Give Up Easily / Lie About Your Abilities / Doesn't Follow Instruction / Don't Ask Clearly Before Acting / Missing In Action / Failed & Blame Others / Cannot Keep Secret or Confidential Intel >> These are few personal characters what we do not accept and will not hire.

Here are the steps to apply, do read the instructions carefully before rushing to our contact form for application.

  1. Prepare a simple resume with the following :

    --> Part 1: Prepare this information like Presentable Photo, Name, Phone Contact, Email Contact, Address & Country (units number is not required), Country of Birth and let us know which group of these categories you belong to (Professional Expert / Senior / Intermediate).
    --> Part 2: Past 3 latest work experiences (we do not consider an internship or national service & voluntary work experience).
    --> Part 3: Skills Obtain (by a school, online courses, or self-thought is allowed)(Tell us something relevant to this application and debate skill, cooking skill or makeup skill), Public Contest / Competition took part, Award & Recognition.
    --> Part 4: Tell us what you can do / you like to do / you can't do / you don't like to do.
    --> Part 5: Work you have done online. Have some description of the work and links to view (This is a must for all kinds of developer)
  2. Click here to apply & patiently wait for our response.

Be Patient

Please give us enough time to review your application before responding to you with our test. After you have completed the test, we will review the completed work and do an online interview.

Note: Those who submitted their application with unclear information or intention, demanding requests, spamming mail, flooding mail & those who do not follow our application order will not be entertained.

Have A Great Day!

We hope you have a great day ahead!