Alerts •   Apr 09, 2021

Elizabeth, a 74 year old Iranian-American or Chinese

giving out some money

Mdm Elizabeth Krieger, a 74 years old Iranian-American living in Iran, sends an email from China, Jiang Su Province. If this cannot convince you, she will tell you more on how the bad online people create scam online, and she or he or they are no scammer.





苏ICP 17009307号  苏公网安备32021402001242号
It is interesting and strange that this website can register ICP. There is totally no way anyone outside China can report them because you will need a China local number, China local ID, to report these websites.

We are not saying Jiang Su is full of bad people, but I do hope the China Police or Cyber Police need to keep a close watch on these people (不法之徒) who is damaging the province or, worst the whole China reputations. Jiang Su is a very nice place, and you should not allow such people to damage the reputation which spends many years of building.


Credits: Gif via Giphy | Image via Envato