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Dating for sex in the city

isn't it annoying for spam bots hitting your website enquiry form

Don't you hate it when you get all these types of inquiries from your website email form send to your business email? This is only one of the kinds of inquiry we get daily in the past, and now we seldom get it (that's a good sign). We have been secretly collecting them, erm.. we don't mean not the picture shown below... but the information like the following;

  • where are they sending from (which country, province and cities)?
  • Where are their locations (some of them are really smart using VPN to hide)?
  • Which email they are using (they use a public domain like Gmail, Hotmail, Yandex, rambler,,,, or some cheap discounted unwanted bulk domains).
  • What number they are using.
  • What devices they are using (DID, UDID, etc.).
  • How do they get into our website?
  • How they behave on our website.

After collecting these data, we also analyze them with in-depth checks to see if these data we capture were the bad guys creating trouble for many site owners. Once we confirm, we store them into our smart secret chamber to filter off these bad guys and use it to deal with them whenever they are into no good later.



You might be thinking, why do we want to do this? 

  • By doing this for the past 10 months, we have generally reduced 90% of website inquiry spam. Last time we get 3 to 4 spams a day.
  • When you get less spam inquiry to attend to, you spend more time doing a real job/business than worrying & pissed about spam mails. Because most spam emails contain links with malware or phishing page that might trick you or your co-workers into giving their credential and crippling the business (like ransomware), That's not all, after crippling your business, they also target your clients and business partners (whoever's contact is in your system or network is their target).

If you remember, we have given you a sneak peek a few months back in this article Peek on SI email system. After so many months have passed, we have upgraded it, and we plan to roll these out to all our customer's websites and people interested in working with us. Don't worry; even if your current website is not built or maintain by us, you are still welcome to talk to us about this service we provide.

If you are interested in working with us on this, please use our email form via this page (please do not send us beautiful young women pictures; if not, you will be siphon into our Blacklist System).