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Only your competitors will do this to you

Nobody will click or tap your ads for so many times than your competitors

In the midst of COVID-19, we are sad to see such act. We presume that this person (competitor) really hates us or a low educated person. We understand all businesses have their competition but this is really unacceptable.

Luckily we have a smart tracker from ClickCease, that tracks this person using a M1, android phone user with the IPv6 connection 2401:7400:6005:d2b7:1:1:f017:50f0 hitting our google ads hard with 5 seconds page load, not just 1 time but 3 times at the same keyword. (Next time, we&'ll explain more on how to know if your competitor did this, please subscribe to our SI Insights on the left panel).

These might be the reason why:

  1. he / she might want is to dry up our ad spending limits
  2. he / she might have ads queue with a lower cost after ours
  3. he / she might want to push up our cost per click

Here's what ClickCease will notify if you when your ads is triggered by your competitors. Not even Googles wants to tell you about this because every click is profit to them. Even you have evidence on these clicks, it is very hard to claim back because only those Googles feels and think it is fraud are claimable because they told us they don't work with 3rd parties (we've tried) nor they are willing to believe what we show them.



ClickCease is a great tools to use for fraud clicks, becuase you get to see details like IPv4, IPv6 & also know if this connection is using VPN.

The Click Time, Device ID, Operating System. Browser and Ad clicked will be shown for further action.


What he / she didn't know:

  1. we are using ClickCease, so we know who this person with his IPv6 address & Device ID
  2. with so many clicks and short time spend, Google is also watching him or her (it is an android with google id connection)
  3. we might get a refund for fraud clicking from Google
  4. we have put person on the watchlist also may be on the fraud clicking blacklist.
  5. our ads will not appear on his search again for extra click. (our advertising budget $$ will not spend on this person again)

This ad is not to scare anyone or whine because of this person. We just want to let you guys know that its a difficult time for all business and we need to equipped ourselves with such tools and service to protect your assets.

Did we just mention that use and work with ClickCease, and that means we are able to help you by;

  1. Managing your Google Ads (Adwords) or Bing campaign together with ClickCease.
  2. Monitor your ClickCease, while your Ad agency works on your Google Ads or Bing campaign.
  3. You sign up for an account on ClickCease with this link and we can guide you how to use it.

We want to end this article with this ClickCease advertisement. Have a great week ahead smiley

Credits: Video from Clickcease / Photo from Pexels

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