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Peek on SI Web Automation

The next level of space rental business

We are currently working on a project that might change the space rental business. I mean the traditional business model of this industry (commercial space).

Let's imagine you run a space rental business for training or networking or space leasing, and this business requires tons of man hours spend in sales, adminstration, accounting / finance and marketing for a few booking to rent the space. How many people do you need to hire and how much will your operating cost be for this traditional business model?

What if I tell you that we have solutions for this, would you be interested?

This is what are working on and if you know how to read wireframe you should be able to know what we are doing. If you don't you can always get in touch with us to understand more. (Click here to make appointment with us to discuss)

SI Solutions : Automation


By subscribing on our web automation solution, your business will get improve in these areas like Productivity, Profitability and Customer Satisfaction.

  • Productivity : Having those waiting tasks, complicated scheduling tasks and easy yet sophisacated paper documentary can be handle by our system with ease.
  • Profitability : No more hiring a lot people to do a few tasks or waste your capable staff's time with non profitable tasks. Our system is scaleable so your business can scale up anytime.
  • Customer Satisfaction : Understanding what our solution can help you business, you will be sure to have more time to improve the services to get your customer satisfaction.

Our solutions doesn't just stop here, it is also expandable but we will not share it here. So if you are interested contact us to discuss.

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We welcome people who wants to start such business or own a space or who is already running sort of business but need to upgrade it. 


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