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Instagram + Zuckmail

social media phishing

What is Social Media Phishing?
We will need to break it down into two parts.

  • First is Social Media; it's a place where people gather to chat, to do personal business or commercial business in all kinds of ways. A potential place where money or something worth is involved.
  • The second is Phishing; it's a trick where a hacker or digital thieves or something with a bad intention wants to steal your key to your digital assets. 
  • Adding up both Socia Media Phishing, you will understand that someone is planning to trick you into giving your credential/key/password to access your social media account to steal whatever is valuable or use it to steal from another person with relation to you.

    For example, Tim is a friend of Joe on IG. Base on the messages, tags, likes and appearance in Joe's photos. The hacker can send an SOS message to Tim; if Tim did not verify if the real Joe is the other end, the hacker would have tricked Tim to do something that might get financial losses or cause inconvenience to another few more friends in his contact on IG.

Look at this e-mail we received recently. It looks legit, but it's dangerous.

IG email, asking you to login with the email with ease

email header

zuckmail is use for phishing

Here are our tips!
Always check your app status if you received such an email, don't click anything in the email.

Be extra cautious with an email ending with these domains:



There are also some videos online that warn people to be extra careful with these emails.




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