ALERTS •   Feb 1, 2021
Charity Donation

from... who?

The past few days we were receiving emails from a China IT company : and the message goes like this:

Dear Friend

You have a Charity Donation of $3,500,000.00 Dollars from Lisa Robinson For more information contact them now by e-mail: for more info


Lisa Robinson

It is very obvious that its a scam or phishing. 2 chinese guy name of linhui.zhong & an guowei both from Pactera, Dalian (大连文思海辉信息技术有限公司). This company is legit as they have reigstered ICP / IP record : 辽ICP备11007858号-3  京公网安备 11010802028175号 as we know whenever you want to host something online you need to have ICP/IP Record. is a private IP address (IPV4 Special Registry / Footnote for Special Registry) is from Brazil and they send via a China IP & China IT company domain / ( /
strangely Microsoft Corporation is also in the picture base on the IP address.... what are their relation or the company server is compromised? Or they are in some kind of missions?

If you know anything about this or would like share more of your experience on this, do keep in touch with us via our contact page.
Credits: Gif via Giphy | Image via twenty20

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