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Demo 2 - Introduction

Innovative Smart Business With Minimal Human Involvement

Do you own a commercial office space that you don’t know what to do with it?
Do you want to make use of your commercial office space without a lot of running cost?
Do you plan to invest in commercial properties but don't know what to do with it?

Remember, not long ago we publish our SI Web Automation before? 
Now we are about to show you a solution which will,

  • Reduce Operation / Running Cost
  • Profitable & Expandable
  • All This Runs On AutoPilot or Semi AutoPilot (Yes AutoPilot, you are not seeing wrongly)


Have a look at this website
This website, allows you to operate online space rental business with your commercial property to professionals to use it for,

  • Training
  • Tuition
  • Private Event
  • Seminar
  • Live Broadcast Event
  • Networking Session
  • Meeting & more

Our website solution is equipped with our sophisticated system which enable to interact with customer, does scheduling with the customer, automatic issue invoice, automatic receive payment, automatic issue payment receipt, system managing the account and controls the IOT devices located in the premises like door locks, security cameras, lights and air conditions.

Here’s few quick example why our solution it is autopilot enable and expandable, if you are thinking about the traditional business model of a space rental business. You will need to have a lot of overheads to take care of individual tasks (mirco managment), as for our solution it will gets better when business is driving towards at peak of the business.




We have 2 business model to operate this business.
1. Supercharge business model as what you see on
2. Supercharge business model - addon. This model can extend and enhance a full circle operation base on pre-program automation. If you want to know more, talk to use today.



Here is the breakdown of dollar and cents

Operation : What are the Running Cost

  1. Buy a commercial property near a convenient place (a minimal size of what you would like to offer to rent out) or Rent (must make sure your landlord allow you run such business).
  2. One-time minimalism renovation.
  3. Internet, printer, smart lock and etc..
  4. Website & marketing materials.
  5. Yearly / Monthly accounting, insurance, maintenance & etc..
  6. Business Renewal, Business & Property Tax.
  7. Hiring 1 or 2 staffs (if you are really lazy and don't want to do anything).


Where is the Profit

  • Rent out your space via this method :
    • By Ad-hoc : half of the day (4hrs) / whole day / evening 
    • By Consecutive days : half of the day (4hrs) / whole day / evening
    • By Monthly Consecutive days : half of the day (4hrs) / whole day / evening 

      Do your math:
      - Market rate for a half day for $70+ weekday / $110+ weekend
      - Market rate for whole day for $150+ weekday / $250+ weekend
      - Market rate for evening $80+ weekday / $50+ weekend
      - You have 12 hours a day & 28 to 31days every month to profit or break-even (exit plan) all you need to do is to promo the website & space.
  • Added on services while using your space like printer, projectors, speakers and more
  • Addtional services like catering, advertising, marketing, printing, virtual office, accounting, business registeration, business financing and etc.

    Do your math:
    Added on services + Additional services is another channel of revenue.

Interested? Want to know more?
Don't wait, get in touch with us today. Please select Demo 2 as email form.

Credits : Image via @seanpollock | Gifs via Giphy

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