ALERTS •   Sep 21, 2020
Malware Detected

They are getting smarter!

This bots or hackers are getting better, faster, smarter and bolder!
This is the reason we don't recommand client to host their email with their website together, not even bypass / forward out via the web host

  • You wouldn't know how they slip in to attack you or using your identity to attack others.
  • A webhost provider are usally slow in respond & weak on email server security. (email server is a very complicated and time intensive area)
  • If such incident happen both web and email will be compromised and worst crippled business operations.

Having both email host and website host can save money because the number of email accounts you can create is unlimited and the size of the mail is adjustable, but the money is not save at the right area.

By investing the email host / server / service like Office 365, G Suites, Zoho Mail  and etc can save you a lot of time and issues ahead. These are the reasons why we recommend:

  • These companies hires a lot of specific engineers to tackle emails issues day to day
  • They have first hand info and beacons to spot upcoming issue (chain reaction solution)
  • They hire customer service staffs operate 24/7 for your email issues. (we use office 365 and they provide up most service)
  • You only pay around SGD$20 per account. (Some created account is free if they are shared mail or distribution list)
  • You can also have add on services like office applications : words, powerpoint, excel and more for Office 365.
  • So many to be mention...

If you want know more you can go to the respective provider to learn more, or if you want to save time and get solution, we will always be there to help (with charges). Hire us via this service page Office 365

Credits : Gif via Giphy | image via Unsplash

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