PEEK •   Aug 24, 2020
Peek on SI Email System

Look at what we are working on with the SI Email System

Hello, this is my first contribution. I'll be sharing sneak peek on some of the work we are working on, and product or service which we at Supercharge Interactive is providing.

Seriously when you are so busy and these sort of emails keep coming in non-stop via your website email form. Most of them are made & send out by smart robots (AI) to repeatly sending mass messages as many website web form as it can find over the website. 

  • Get on number 1 google listing
  • Giving you million dollars
  • Giving you leads by hiring their calling service
  • Giving you business opportunities
  • Telling you to open invoice file or delayed paymetn (malware)
  • Ask you this and that.. 

It is really frustrating getting these emails so... we have been spending time studying these spam / phishing / malware mails for years and come out a way to reduce it and not eliminating it. Because what we understand is that there is no way to stop them completely, but we can harvest them by allow them to send to a few of the many receiving outlets first, and use the data which they are providing to keep them out of our ecosystem. Our ecosystem is consist of sites that are build and maintain by us, which is capable of avoid these mail from delivering it to our mail box. While we harvest them, we also send out to many network operators to keep a look out for these spam / phishing / malware mails so they can be track & tackle by bigger operators like Google, Microsoft, Barracuda, Cisco, Trend Micro and more. Talking about the bigger operators, we also used their data to eliminate these spam / phishing / malware mails in our ecosystem.

These are the few main area we track Email address, Domain address, IP address and a few more which we cannot disclose.

If you want to know more about our services do visit our website at or follow SI Insights for more

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