ALERTS •   May 30, 2020
Package was not delivered

Might be scam or phishing but as long as you are aware you are safe!

This email scam is good! At this Covid-19 period, people around the World depending their documents, goods and groceries to be delivered to their home or office. Most of us know that this Covid-19 period, delivery or courier companies are overloaded and most of the time they outsource their load to 3rd or 4th and on parties to complete the deliver.

This scammer is trying to send you a very simple email without any logo or company representation to fool you from clicking the "I want my package to be delivered" if you have package that had not delivered from the real guys or you have been waiting for that particular package had been delayed. And once you fall for it, you will be like cashing in money to them.

These are usually what happen after you click their button (trap), they will pretend that they are the legit guys trying to solve your problem. They will want you to enter your non important information first, then after the private / confidential information to access your real account from the real site or provider and harm you.

Or they will make use of the information you provide to extorted you.

Or they will resell the information you had provided to others that might find your information is scam-worth.

Or the smartest ones, will lead you to download malware application to do more harm or damages to your device and pass the malware on to others as phishing (there are many types of phishing if you follow our previous post).

There are so many senario that might freak you off, if we continue.

So the best way to prevent this is to get everyone educate by sharing this post to your colleagues, friends, family members. Do like our social media page and bookmark our SI Insights.

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Credit: Image via Pixabay | Gif from Giphy

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